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Programme Management is a tool enabling Government departments to manage several projects, business change and innovation in a consistent and co-ordinated manner to maximise your benefits and minimise resources, risk and cost.

It may seem a bureaucratic burden to follow all of the guidelines, manuals and procedures, but there is a method through the madness. Some basic principles can be easily adopted and using the OGCs Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)® or PRINCE2® methodologies great benefits can be achieved.

Green Squared
Think of programme management as providing a supporting toolkit to yourself and your managers. It will help you see the big picture, summarising the detail, to allow you to make informed decisions at the appropriate times.

Green Squared believes in the pragmatic application of techniques and has adapted several of the current UK Government approaches to meet client requirements. These have ensured that time after time, clients ask for more work to be undertaken including the use of tailored ideas in corporate procedures and intra-government developments.

Green Squared use MSP, PRINCE2 and Management of Risk (MOR) methods and have widespread experience in their application with DSDM, SSADM, other RAD based approaches, Rational RUP and have worked with OGC Gateways® and links to EFQM and the OGC Successful Delivery Toolkit.

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