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Green Squared specialise in the provision of ‘client side’ support. We don’t usually work for the suppliers or major consultancy providers. We instead prefer to operate within the public sector environment, with your staff on the same team. This way we provide on the job training, skills transfer and work directly to achieve a common goal.

We are noted for providing ‘teach ins’ to staff, often at lunchtimes, looking at the tools and techniques available and discussing their use within a programme, project or team. This is designed to compliment your training programmes, provide refresher or the adaptation of principles to fit into your working patterns.

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We don’t believe in theory. Courses and manuals are all well and good but the practical application of the principles into your work environment are what matter to deliver the goods.

We often help clients manage the larger consultancy companies and suppliers, working with you to develop estimates for budgeting, call-off arrangements, terms of reference and the development of work packages.

Usually included on the management team, Green Squared provide the public sector consultancy management expertise. With knowledge of Spending Reviews, efficiency programmes and other changes within the Government we are able to help your team effectively. We have also managed in-house and civil service staff when appropriate.

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